A short and brief guide for passive investors (includes our top 10 ETFs chosen and analyzed for you)
The latest rate hike for the Fed? Markets don't believe Powell's words (talking about bank run) and may get angry if orders are not followed
It's time to sell stocks and take a vacation. Sell in May and go away is an old saw that investors repeat without giving any real credence to, but maybe…
Return of risk is the best news to ensure future stability & health of markets
If you're going through diffculty, know that it can't rain forever
Attractive phase for rising rates is the jewel in the crown for banking sector: this phase will not last and bonds traders will come to terms with…
In order to get a return, you must produce an equal amount of effort to get it: putting in some or all of the money one can afford to lose is the only…
The economy goes one way while markets go the other
Those who do this work know that sometimes you have to accept prolonged moments of suffering, after months of lulling yourself into a thoughtless ego
If you run out of ideas, take a walk
In the markets, the best trading opportunities arise when everyone thinks you can only go on
Over an intermediate Master Time Cycle, stock markets shot upward from 15-20%